"I was having trouble doing Sitz baths regularly, but with the sitz bath shorts, I can soak while taking a shower. It's been both a time saver and an improvement in following doctors orders."         Linda.

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for the samples! We are promoting your product like crazy! These are much more comfortable looking that I imagined they would be! They are nice and soft and our patients old and young alike will appreciate these!”        Jennifer Krontz

“Thank you for the Sitz Bath shorts, I tried them a half hour ago and they worked very nicely, thanks”     Roy

These sitz shorts were very easy to use (I don't have a bathtub) and did exactly as I'd hoped. I used them for warm soak in the shower (each day) and then also for putting witch hazel soaked cotton squares on my hemorrhoids at night. No wet pajama bottoms! The relief was wonderful and much appreciated. Now I can go back to my "sitting all day" job without discomfort. This product really helped me.           PJ

I like that its natural drug free way to get relief. A real time saver too!             Dane

These are great. Wearing Sitz Bath Briefs in the shower worked like a charm for me instead of soaking in the bath. I used them for a homeopathic remedy for a yeast infection.              Dee